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Crown House is operating within a framework of a Limited company. It has been raised with lots of dedication and commitment from our management team. There is an opportunity of expanding the industry of serviced and virtual offices in Birmingham as it is the second largest city in the UK.

Birmingham city has become active comparatively and attracted more media attention, growth in new facilities, capital investment, economic strength and infrastructure. These factors have significantly influence the company to set sail and take over an existing premise. Crown House visualised the demand and has now further expanded to a much larger scale by taking a lease on a 3 floors refurbished offices. The Building (Crown House) is now a prominent address, which caters for various businesses (large and small) and will continue to provide quality, affordable and flexible office space and virtual services.

We Believe In Providing The Best.

Our passion leads us in supporting businesses to reach out their goals and thinking through solutions and coming up with a variety of services. Most Importantly, we keep it simple.

Tailor-Made Services
Quality Business

We focus on our skills.

We know our core strengths, and welcome any potential business to grow. Most Importantly, we stay focused.

Focused on providing an all-in-one competitive service with no hidden extra charges
Skilled at tailoring the services with flexible options of office suites and other services
The whole site includes a dedicated on-site building management team, along with 24 hour CCTV

We Are Proud Of Our Work 

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